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July 23, 2009
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Frienemies by sandyrinky Frienemies by sandyrinky
Bucky Badger - The Official Mascot and property of the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Madison Website: [link]
More about Bucky: [link]

Goldy Gopher - The Official Mascot and property of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities
UofM Website: [link]
More about Goldy: [link]

Art (C) Me though of course :P

Now that that's out of the way...

Here is a tribute to the Minnesota-Wisconsin rivalry :)

Haha, you know what sucks about this rivalry for me? I'm a Badger fan, but I've lived in Minnesota all my life and I am a slight closet Gopher fan (though I'd take the Badgers over the Goophers anyday). AND, since I was rejected by Madison and I will be attending the UofM... hahaha, this will be interesting for me.

But I do love both mascots. I have stories for both of them :D

I met Goldy Gopher before I ever saw Bucky. My dad used to take us to Gopher Hockey games (although he is a Madison alumni, so obviously he's a Badger fan heheh). The mascots have always been something that fascinated me XD I loved Goldy and I really wanted to be him for halloween or something. I thought it would be really sweet. I do recall one time when I was at a Gopher hockey game and Goldy came down the aisle and messed up my hair :)

Bucky though, he's a bit more special to me. Although I've been to more Gopher hockey games, Bucky definitely won over my heart and swayed me to be a Badger fan (besides the fact that I love Wisconsin more than Minnesota haha).
For one, Bucky is just too adorable in costume! :D Hahaha. But other than that, I got his autograph when I was like ... 10. I ran down a flight of stairs, tapped his back to get his attention and got him to sign my butterfinger BB's box. I was so freakin' proud because I was such a shy kid.

I got to hug Bucky this year when I went to a Badger hockey game :D

I'm seriously a little kid when it comes to mascots...

My secret dream (well... it used to be secret. I still say it's my secret dream even though I've told about 15 people already so what the hell, why not). My secret dream has always been that I want to be a mascot just once. For awhile, I wanted to be Goldy. Once I met Bucky though ...

You have to work your tail off though. :P But it would be SO COOL!

Might want to get into Madison before I make any rash decisions here ... lol. Yeah I'll work on that first.

This is really the result of my split heart between The Gophers and Badgers.

Friendly Enemies. Frienemies :) Inspired by their goofing off, silly taunts and stunts they do.

In the end, I'm a Badger through and through though :)
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Lol this is awesome
do you know how to bucky!?
also 83-20
hell yeah badgers are gonna make the rosebowl!
sorry you didn't make it to the madtown!
sandyrinky Nov 18, 2010   Digital Artist
This may sound surprising but I don't follow college sports at all XD Like, I really love the mascots, but I have no idea how any teams are doing. I just follow pro football :) Yey Packers.
I read your description and it made me smile. Goodness I love the mascots.

Although this is where we differ:
Goldy is the best mascot ever!
(And of course I am not trying to start an arguement!)

I am and have always been a Minnesotan, but there is just something about Goldy that makes me love him! (Maybe it's because it is often more fun watching him at the football games than watching the team lose time and time again.) :P

Now onto the piece: I love it!! You captured their quirky mascotesque very well!
sandyrinky Nov 7, 2010   Digital Artist
Haha well thank you :)

I suppose now that I'm at the UofM here, Goldy has grown on me quite a bit :) I haven't actually gone to any of the games... but he's still goofy seeing him around campus now and then :)
>< It's probably best that you don't go to the football games at least.
I love seeing him on campus. The other week he was throwing paper plates like frisbees with a group of girls. Hahaha

But I still appreciate the rivarly between wisconSIN and Minnesota because it makes the sports much more entertaining.
sandyrinky Nov 7, 2010   Digital Artist
I saw some pics of Goldy with nerd glasses on to celebrate whatever college it was... science? I thought it was funny :)

Haha agreed :)
Yeah! CSE (or IT as I will always call it) was doing a meet and greet or something. That is when I saw him too. :)
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